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dont you talk to strangers

you know it leads to danger

we can be onions and peppers
15 May
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you can call me Jen.
never ever call me chinese, korean, japanese,
OR assume my race. be respectful and
ASK me what i am..duh. if you dont like bright eyes.
i hate you. if you cant do origami. go away. JAYKAY!
i'm a 15 year old girl who has been living in florida
for about 3 years. i hate the beach. ship me back
to boston where the leaves change during autumn and
the snow falls during winter. i can be very creative
one moment and then very lazy the next. i hate you
if you're bipolar. i also hate you if you're conceited.
get over yourself. you arent that great anyways.
have good manners, respect, and courtesy and i'll
love you like no other will.

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